Boys and girls in primary school share experiences and recommendations on menstruation…

“A girl in my class started menstruating when we were at school; she was scared and didn’t understand what was happening. I knew what was going on but didn’t know how to help her so I told her to go see the senior woman teacher…” Jeremy primary 7

Boys and girls at the forefront- breaking the silence on menstruation in schools

“When I reached primary six I learned of changes at puberty, I saw many girls miss school because of menstruation and others were simply shy” Emmanuel Primary 6 West


“When I began menstruation I was scared, I thought I was going to bleed to death, I thought I was sick. When my mother talked to me I felt better” Sharon Primary 6- stream West
“I began menstruating earlier than most of my friends so when they started their periods too I taught them how to make a local sanitary pad (homemade, advised them not to miss school and taught them how to keep clean during menstruation” Christine Primary 6


“When I began menstruating I wasn’t afraid because when I was 7 years I often saw my elder sister wear sanitary pads and when I asked her explained to me everything. I was prepared” Maureen

“As I was in class my neighbor a girl stood up to give an answer and I saw blood on her uniform behind. I didn’t know what to do I called the class monitor to help this sick girl. I heard she was taken to the senior woman…” 12 year old boy in Primary 6

“When my period arrived, I feared so much and I couldn’t tell my mother what had happened. I kept it to myself until it got out of hand then I told her, she bought me always sanitary pads, told me not to fear because menstruation was a good sign of my growing up” 11 year old girl in Primary 4


“When I began to menstruate I got lower stomach pain, back ache and I was very uncomfortable. I felt relieved when it all came to an end only to see the same things again the following month and the next…” Ketty Primary 5

“When I started menstruation, I was 13 years old, it all began one Saturday evening and the following day I had to go to church but had nothing to use so I wore all my knickers. The following day I wanted to go to school but had nothing to wear, my aunt who I lived with saw me and told me now that I began menstruation I was going to get pregnant, that worried me but I didn’t not understand why she said that. I went to school and during the English lesson I asked my teacher to help me. She gave me pads and even taught me how to use them.” Happy Primary 6


“When I was in menstruation the first day I felt ashamed, I thought I was going to die. I thought I was pregnant.” Safina Primary 6


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