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GEC members of Arengeshiep Secondary School, Nabilatuk district, yield profits from Income Generating Activities (GEC).

TMF approach on income generating activities aim at building capacity of adolescents on income generating activities as a strategy towards improved access and retention to school, and understanding towards self-reliance, innovation and economic empowerment. Each school was provided with seed fund of 60,000Ugx.
The story of Arengeshiep SS in Nabilatuk districts has proven a success story where Girls Education Club (GEC) members in 2019 started farming in a school garden through planting of cabbages, tomatoes and green gram. The harvest was good, part of which was supplement the diets for the students and teacher’s part of it was sold to generate more income for the club
“…..the crop yield was good because of the reliable rains in the region which resulted into bumper harvest” GEC member noted.
“TMF GEC members have been cooperative towards success of the project and has geared the spirit of unity and discipline among learners. More so, the profits generated support vulnerable pupils/learners for example through purchases of books, pens and other scholastic materials and also boosted the learner’s skills on taping opportunities that are abundant in Agriculture when they complete school” The club patron Mr. Ismail commented.
Lessons learnt from Ariengshiep SS shows that when Income Generating Activities initiated by pupils/students are supported and well managed, gains can be generated. The IGA can be a strategy to reduce dropping out of school by vulnerable learners, and a learning tool for students on economic empowerment.