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Go Back to school intervention in Rengen Sub County motivated Lokote Esther Moding to go back to school Kotido District.

Lokote Esther Moding 21years old S.2 Kotido S.S child mother from Rengen Sub County, Nakumoiet village who was brought during the go back to school campaign in 2017 is now in Kotido S.S. she joined Nakoreto P/S in 2017 due to GBS campaign TMF conducted in Rengen sub and while in Nakoreto she joined GEC club who has shaped her and made her very responsible and managed to transit to secondary. She is supported by some organization towards her school fees however got some challenges in 3rd term where her former husband wanted to take her back and managed to influence her father not to allow her go back to school. Never the less she has not given up but assures that come 2020 she is back to school.
“I am a child mother who had dropped out of school from P.7 in Rengen P/S. I got interest in going back to school during the GBS campaign in Rengen Sub County conducted by TMF in 2017 where they talked about parents giving chances to child mothers to go back to school. I shared this with my father but he was not buying my idea. I decided to brow the local drink and got some money which helped me to go back to school. I went to Nakoreto P/S and was warmly received by the Head teacher who encouraged me to study hard and achieve my goals. Right in the school I got a chance to join the GEC club and was elected as a treasurer of the club. I was an active member of the club this helped me to even perform better in school and transited to secondary. I managed to get a sponsorship from some organization who is now paying my school fees.”
Lokote Esther says though she is in school she still faces some challenges but never the less she is determined to study and complete school. She looks up to being a mentor one day for the adolescent girls who have dropped out of school to encourage them go back to school. Esther’s patron of GEC Kotido S.S Madam Tusingwire Winifred says Lokote is a very hard working girl and disciplined and she has always shared her experiences and encouraged her to work even more hard in school though she is not among the best performers, the GEC patron says she believes she will improve better with more effort come 2020. Lokote says she wants to work with NGOs to help her fellow girls, inspire and give them hope.
My message to girls is to wait, abstain from sex until marriage do not rush into marriage she says there are many challenges and problems in child marriage rather remain and complete school and great to TMF, GEC and my head teacher who have stood by me.