She Leads Community Dialogues in Kamuli and Buyende Districts

The community dialogue and community theatre will provide platforms for Girls and Young Women to present their advocacy asks and messages to their communities in the presence of traditional, religious, and sub-county leaders and initiate conversation and dialogue that promote the well-being of Girls and young women, as well as shine more light on the challenges affecting Girls and Young Women and what the community can do differently to ensure GYW rights are respected and promoted. Through the community theatre, Girls and young women groups will present their advocacy messages in creative ways, for example, poems, music, drama, and folk tales among others. These help the community to relate more to advocacy messages that the GYW are passing across.

Objective(s) of the activity:

  1. To introduce the SHE LEADS project to the community members and leaders.
  2. To provide a platform where GYW can present the challenges they face to the community.
  3. To spark discussion on the role of community in protecting the rights of GYW.
  4. To provide an opportunity for the community to see, hear and value GYW’s opinions and decisions.

Expected Outputs for the activity

  1. Leaders, community and media knowledgeable on gender equality and girl’s rights.
  2. Traditional and religious leaders publicly condemn discriminatory gender norms and practices on girls participation in decision making
  3. Community members (GYW, boys, men, parents) challenge discriminatory norms and practices on girls’ participation in decision making.
  4. Traditional and religious leaders promote transformative gender norms that permit GYW empowerment.

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