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TMF programs draw lessons from real life experiences to advocate and support adolescents especially the girls and young women including those with special needs and child mothers in and out of school to enjoy their rights to quality education, health and protection. This prepares the future generation of empowered girls and young women to bravely challenge and dismantle the power structures and dynamics that perpetuate discrimination and abuse.

TMF programs are delivered through numerous approaches that fall under the four thematic areas of education, adolescent sexual and reproductive health and rights, mentoring and economic empowerment. Cross cutting issues such as gender equality and equity, environment management and disability are integrated in all programs.

1. Education

TMF works to increase access, participation, completion and achievements rates of children especially girls of all categories (special needs, child mothers, girls at risk of dropping out) to quality education. TMF applies a rights based approach that ensures all children everywhere have a right to access and enjoy quality education

2. Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights

TMF team works passionately to address adolescent challenges of growth and development. Since 2014, TMF has empowered school children, senior women and men teachers with knowledge and skills on menstruation hygiene management and making of the local re-usable sanitary pads. This has reduced stigma faced by girls due to lack of knowledge, increased boy/men support for girls and well increased retention and performance of girls in school.

3. Mentoring

TMF aims to build advocacy and leadership skills of children especially girls to demand for protection and promotion of their rights. TMF developed the mentoring program to fill the existing gaps in mentorship by inspiring girls and boys to excel in every aspect of life right from academics, economic and social life. The mentorship program focuses on girls through tailor made training, skills enhancement and exposure that interest them into learning, increase their academic performance and raise their confidence to speak out about issues that affect their education and lives. By working with role models in the community, girl child advocates and women leaders, TMF, has created space and opportunity for girls to dialogue and raise key concerns in their lives.

4 Economic empowerment:

This intervention targets child mothers and out of school vulnerable girls. In March 2015, TMF embarked on economic empowerment programs as a long term solution to breaking the cycle of poverty, promoting better life, , fostering peace and development . The Economic empowerment programs involved entrepreneurship skills training, formation of income generating projects and business mentoring and life skills

5. Partnerships/ collaborations

Trailblazers Mentoring Foundation recognizes the significance of working in strategic partnerships and networks as part of our approach to the realization of our vision and mission. Therefore TMF was actively involved in various engagements with Government- Ministry of Education and Sports- Gender Unit, Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development, Development partners, District Local Governments, private sector, girl child advocates, schools and community leaders to learn from each other and share experiences. This has been made possible through joint implementation, joint monitoring and leveraging resources.

Other approaches include

Using ICT and social media platforms to reach and engage with wider population on adolescent girl specific issues. TMF continues to advocate for increased reporting using the Sauti hotline and U-report.

Research, M&E and Innovation

TMF is strengthening the M&E function so as to generate information that guides program interventions and innovations that address priority needs of the girls in and out of school.