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GEC members of Arengeshiep Secondary School, Nabilatuk district, yield profits from Income Generating Activities (GEC).

TMF approach on income generating activities aim at building capacity of adolescents on income generating activities as a strategy towards improved access and retention to school, and understanding towards self-reliance, innovation and economic empowerment. Each school was provided with seed fund of 60,000Ugx.The story of Arengeshiep SS in Nabilatuk districts […]

Increasing attention towards adolescent girls’ education.

Young girls who enter their adolescent stage without preparation are affected by unemployment, domestic violence and can’t realize their socio and economic potential. Girls’ education is still a challenge; girls continue to lag behind boys in education and employment because they lack the technical and social skills to compete favorably. […]

Boy/Men Champions using innovative approaches to campaign against Child Marriage and Teenage Pregnancy in their Communities (Agali Sub County).

Fighting child marriage requires commitment and dedication. However, that alone is sometimes not enough. Child Marriage and teenage pregnancy are topics that have been talked about for many years, however, the harmful vices still exist in communities in Northern Uganda and elsewhere. The Girls Advocacy Alliance project implemented by Trailblazers Mentoring […]

Hope again for Kampi

For long, the girl-child in developing countries has been left to make her own life decisions, and yet nobody seems to mind because less if nothing at all has been done to address this matter. Busoga region